ELVIRE is an Information and Communication Technologies research project. It is supported by the European Commission in the Seventh Research Framework Programme. ELVIRE stand for Electric Vehicle Communication to Infrastructure, Road, Services and Electricity Supply

  • Project duration: April 2010 – December 2013
  • European Commission funding: 5.200.000€
  • Contract number: FP7-ICT-2009-4

Based on typical missions of an E.V. as use cases, it is the project’s purpose to develop an effective system, which is able to neutralize the driver’s "range anxiety" and encourage the customers to embark the fully electric road transport, focused on:

  • an on-board E-energy communication, combined with its respective in-vehicle E-service layer,
  • a customer oriented, open external service platform needed for the optimal interaction between the user/vehicle, the data processing & service provision layer and an intelligent electricity infrastructure,
  • the seamless and reliable interdependent functioning of all relevant systems under real operating conditions.
  • a consideration of complementary items, such as the protection of privacy, e.g. with “electricity-googling”, & data authenticity.

All ELVIRE functionalities to be taken into account will be scrutinized, if existing or emerging cooperative system technologies can be used or extended. Great emphasis is placed on the “openness of the E(lectricity)-service platform”, applicable to all brands and granting access to multiple players maintaining the customers’ choice

The objective of “ELVIRE” is to develop an on-board electric energy communication & service platform for realistic use-cases including the relevant external communication and services. For this purpose the following actions will be taken:

  • selection of representative use-cases according to realistic scenarios and business-models
  • identification & development of those off-board ICT & services needed to comply with the use cases
  • development of “Prototypes” for the on-board Communication and E-energy service unit
  • test & verify all integrated sub-systems on prototype level and demonstrate the proof of concept

The official ELVIRE homepage is http://www.elvire-project.org

Quick Facts

1,800 people are involved in the Swedish winter testing region each winter